About us

DEANA is a trading company based out of South Korea that specializes in exporting aesthetic medicines, medical equipment, and medical devices. Our main products are our line of high-quality Victoria threads, which are widely used by plastic surgeons and dermatologists around the world.

In 2016 the Victoria brand was founded at the same time as the company was settled. All of the threads under the brand Victoria have GMP and ISO quality certificates; the medical CE mark for brand Victoria was acquired in December 2017.

Our purpose

Our mission is to help people find happiness by providing safe and effective products for the enhancement of personal beauty.

Our occupation

Since 2016, we have been constantly expanding the supply of products and equipment for aesthetic medicine.


DEANA attends conferences, seminars, and exhibitions dedicated to beauty, health, medicine, and nanotechnology organized in South Korea and throughout the world.

We have taken part in exhibitions such as:

  • KIMES Seoul, South Korea
  • K BEAUTY Seoul, South Korea
  • IN COMESTICS Seoul, South Korea
  • INTERCHARM KOREA Seoul, South Korea
  • INTERCHARM 2018 Moscow, Russia
  • IMCAS Paris, France
  • AAMC Almaty, Kazakhstan


DEANA manufacturing company is located in South Korea.
Currently, we are working on obtaining registration certificates for Victoria products in additional countries.

Registration certificates already obtained include:

  • Medical KFDA in South Korea (June 2019)
  • Registration certificate in Russia (June 2019)
  • Saudi Arabia Medical SFDA (July 2019)
  • Registration certificate for the “Victoria” brand in Serbia (April 2020)
  • Registration certificate for the Victoria brand in Kazakhstan (January 2021)

In 2020, the Victoria trademark was registered in South Korea and the European Union.
At the moment, our supplies cover the European Union, Russia, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, among other countries, and we are constantly working on its expansion.