3D Cog Threads

3D cog threads (FE type) belong to the Victoria cog thread line. The kit for the procedure includes a cog thread in an atraumatic cannula or blunt needle.

The 3D thread is designed with a special arrangement of cogs that spiral the thread at an angle of 60 degrees. This arrangement results in an excellent holding effect. The strength between the thread and the tissues where the thread was inserted is noticeably higher than that of other models of notched threads.

The threads come in the following options:

  • 3D cog threads made of polydioxanone
  • 3D threads made of polylactic acid
  • 3D cog threads made of polycaprolactone with polylactic acid

To obtain a more visible stimulating effect and to achieve a long absorbing duration, it is recommended to choose threads made of polylactic acid or polycaprolactone.


  • visible signs of the ptosis
  • loss of clarity of the face line
  • double chin
  • sagging of jawline-jowls
  • dense heavy integumentary tissues of the patient


Victoria 3D cog threads is a minimally invasive and safe correction method. During the procedure, only minor damage to internal tissues is made, which is the reason for the fast rehabilitation of patients.

Victoria 3D cog threads are clinically tested, safe and have no side effects. Specialists have used them for the last 20-30 years.

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