Mastopexy (Breast lifting)

Mastopexy is a very popular procedure for providing volume and shape to the breasts.

What causes the breasts to lose shape?

  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Posture disorder
  • Age-related changes
  • Hereditary predisposition to ptosis
  • Bruises and injuries of the mammary glands
  • Hormonal changes and usage of hormonal drugs
  • Improper nutrition
  • Dramatic weight loss
  • Weakening of connective tissue
  • Smoking — leads to the destruction of elastin

Breast lifting with Victoria Threads

Victoria threads is a minimally invasive method with results comparable to plastic surgery. The result is visible after the first procedure. The procedure takes about 30-40 minutes and is practically painless. Threads are inserted into the tissues using a blunt cannula, helping make the skin not only more elastic and taut but also start the process of for the production of collagen. In the correction area, the natural processes of regeneration and removal of toxins from the deep layers of the skin will be accelerated. The threads stimulate the natural production of collagen. This method has no contraindications. The rehabilitation period is minimal and painless. Victoria threads are absolutely safe and biodegrade after 6-7 month after the procedure. The effect lasts for 1- 2 year.

Although Victoria threads are absolutely safe, it is necessary to select highly qualified specialists who practice safe techniques and use harmless materials. Only an experienced cosmetologist will be able to correctly select the therapy for the most efficient result.