Lip Correction

Currently, one of the most popular cosmetic procedures is lip correction.

What causes drooping or thin lips?

Over time, the thickness of the skin decreases, the tissues become less firm and elastic, and age-related wrinkles appear. The result is drooping lip corners and thin lips.


Lip Correction with Victoria threads

The drooping corners of the mouth can be easily corrected with the help of Victoria threads. The correction is performed under local anaesthesia. Threads are inserted into the tissues using a blunt cannula. The doctor smoothes the skin and removes the effect of drooping corners of the mouth. The threads stimulate the natural production of collagen, which later serves as a frame and does not allow the corners of the lips to sink.

The result is visible immediately after the procedure. Victoria threads are absolutely safe and biodegrade after 6-7 month after the procedure.The general effect of lifting and rejuvenation from such a procedure lasts about 1-2 years.

Although Victoria threads are absolutely safe, it is necessary to select highly qualified specialists who practice safe techniques and use harmless materials. Only an experienced cosmetologist will be able to correctly select the therapy for the most efficient result.