Screw Threads

The Victoria Screw Thread product line belongs to a thin thread type. The thin thread type also includes the mono thread and the double screw thread type.

The spiral configuration of the thread triggers a prolonged physiological inflammatory response giving a more efficient dermal restructuring result. Screw threads also give a greater effect in terms of collagen production than mono threads but are less effective than double screw threads.
The task of the cosmetologist is to understand exactly what effect he needs to satisfy the patient’s wish, and, if necessary, use the entire line of Victoria threads to achieve the best result.
All Victoria threads are complementary and can be used together, depending on the patient’s needs.

Components and materials

The Victoria Screw Thread is a smooth biodegradable thread spiraling a thin sharp needle. Our customers have an option for the material of the thread. The Victoria product line includes screw threads made from the following biopolymers: PDO, PLLA, PLACL.



All materials in the product have been repeatedly tested for 20-30 years, and are absolutely safe for the patient. Threads are delivered sterile and in individual packages, and all Victoria threads have all of the necessary permits.

The durability of the effect

The duration of the effect of cosmetic operations with threads is 1-2 years, depending on the quality of the procedure and the individual features of the organism.

How to order

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