All of the Victoria brand products have been produced under our control by the Yurim Medical plant located in South Korea since 2016.
All of the products under the brand Victoria are manufactured in South Korea while the raw materials are made in Japan and Korea. Ordering from our company or our official representatives guarantees that the products are made exactly at our manufacturer, using the newest and first-class equipment. All manufactured batches of products are closely monitored for quality and consistency.

Our products

Currently, our product line includes the following items:

Thin mono type threads
Mono, Screw, and Double Screw type.
Cog threads
Molding cog threads (SZ, SC, ST), and 3D threads.
Surgical threads
Double needle molding cog threads (SZ, SC type), and 3D thread.
Filler threads
Cavern Fill and Multi Fill.
Special threads
Nose Threads, Eyebrow Threads, and Orbital Threads.
What sets Victoria apart

There are 3 types of polymer products presented in our line. This means that any product of the Victoria brand can be produced using 3 types of polymers: PDO, PLLA, PLACL.

Each of these materials has a unique characteristic, and as a result, dermatologists and plastic surgeons with the help of our products will be able to fulfil any patient’s wishes.

Our variety of products is now a rarity in the field of aesthetic medicine and it is what sets us apart from other companies.

The quality of all our products is confirmed by international standards, there are certificates and permits, and the production base meets international quality standards ISO and GMP.

In addition, our specialists will conduct training for our customers about the newest and classic products at any convenient time.

Looking ahead

We are focused on long-term cooperation with our partners. That is why the company is constantly working on expanding its product line, creating unique ingredients, and technical product design. To achieve these goals we participate in international exhibitions and conferences while scientists are making progress in their research and development.

In addition to all of this, we continue to work on improvements on our already established product line.