Dual Needle Threads

The Victoria surgical thread line includes moulding threads (SC, SZ type) with dual needles and 3D threads with dual needles. It is a single thread in the size of 300, 420, 480 or 600 mm, and two needles.

Victoria 3D threads with a dual needle have the unique shape of the cog on the needle. Cogs are arranged in a spiral way with an angle of 60 degrees, which leads to excellent adhesion of tissues and provides a better lifting effect.

Dual needle threads are generally used in the forehead, lateral and medial areas of the face.
The advantage of threads with two needles: the doctor can manually control every millimetre of the trajectory of the needle through the patient, which ultimately gives a symmetrical result on the face or body of the patients. This is very important for our partners since the asymmetry of changes is one of the most frequent complaints about manipulations performed by cosmetologists.


  • shaping a clear face line into a more oval shape
  • smoothing of nasolabial folds
  • elimination of «double chin»
  • smoothing mimic wrinkles


Victoria dual needle threads is a minimally invasive and safe correction method. During the procedure, only minor damage to internal tissues is made, which is the reason for the fast rehabilitation of patients.

Victoria dual needle threads (PDO, PLACL) are clinically tested, safe and have no side effects. Specialists have used them for the last 20-30 years.

The duration of the effect

The duration of the aesthetic effect is 1-2 years, depending on the quality of the procedure performed and the individual features of the organism.

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