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Thread lifting of the face is one of the most modern, fastest and safest ways to stop age-related skin ageing. Often, cosmetologists and plastic surgeons use threads to correct the face and neck area.

What causes the nasolabial blades to stand out?

Over time, areas of the face can change due to age, stress, or environment. This can result in a series of issues such as: double chin, nasolabial folds, wrinkles, drooping of the corners of the mouth, sagging cheeks, and age-related deterioration of facial contours.


Although Victoria threads are absolutely safe, it is necessary to select highly qualified specialists who practice safe techniques and use harmless materials. Only an experienced cosmetologist will be able to correctly select the therapy for the most efficient result.

Face Lifting with Victoria Threads

Victoria’s thread line includes thin smooth threads, spiral threads, cog threads and others. The doctor will choose threads that are best suited for correcting the patient’s problem area. The doctor will insert thin, sterile threads using a blunt cannula under the skin. The threads are made of biopolymers and do not cause allergies or rejection. Once the threads are inserted into the patient’s skin, they serve as a light frame that lifts the skin to its natural position. In addition, a small inflammatory reaction occurs around the threads, which stimulates the body’s production of collagen, resulting in a more overall youthfulness of the skin.

The period of rehabilitation after the procedure last from 3 to 7 days, subject to the doctor’s recommendations. After 6-7 months, the threads will be completely biodegraded from the body.